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I am so excited that you are here.  This will be such an amazing journey.  I am here to help, guide and empower YOU! 

  1. I am sharing with you all the information that I have been using for the past 13 years.  I have helped tons of special needs families navigate the overwhelming process of the IEP.  COLLABORATION = SUCCESS!
    • You will have access to videos, downloads and more.  I will continue to update the content based on what is going on in Special Education… You wil have life time access to these materials.
  2.  From time to time you will see coming soon… This means that I am working on uploading some new videos..  I will continue to update the content that is relevant to what is going on in special education.
  3. All of these videos are self paced.  You can do this at your own pace…  I know how busy you are… So no rush!!!
  4. Not only will you have access to videos, download and more, you will access to join The IEP INNER CIRCLE Private FB Group.   I will be going LIVE in this private group weekly.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions during our weekly Q & A ‘s.
  5. Click here to JOIN our IEP INNER CIRCLE Private Facebook Group..
  6. With this Level 2.. You will get weekly Group Coaching Call with your Fellow IEP INNER CIRCLE! We will have a zoom call weekly to discuss your concerns and answer your IEP questions.  This is a group coaching call and I will allow everyone to have a chance to ask their questions.  
  7. In addition to all of the above you will also get a 30 minute a month 1:1 coaching call with me via zoom.  We will also have a IEP Mastermind Private FB Group!  

Most of the videos will provide you with basic to more detailed information.  Please keep in mind that I am NOT an Attorney, and will NEVER provide Legal advice.  All the information that I provide is to guide you and ensure you know what your options are…

I will take you from basic to real life concepts.  I always like to ensure that we are always implementing functional life goals to ensure that we are preparing our kids for further education, employment and independent living.  You are wondering what does this mean?  This is clearly stated in IDEA which is the law that protects special education.  I am not a LAWYER but I can show you where to look and find your options.

Everything I provide and discuss is at the federal level.  Keep in mind that most States have some different timelines, deadlines etc.  Again this is for knowledge purposes not for legal purposes.

Please be sure to join our FB and Inroduce youself.. I want to get to know you and  your IEP concerns.  I am here to help you navigate the special education journey!


Wanda Malone